Bingo Wings (Arms)

 Introduction To Bingo Wings

Bingo wings refer to the flabby areas of skin under the triceps on the upper arm that can wobble and be visible when the arms are shaken or raised. Having bingo wings can cause people to feel self-conscious and lose confidence about their appearance. When weight is lost too quickly, the skin may not have enough time to shrink back to its previous size, resulting in stretched skin that sags.


Factors To Consider

Bingo wings can be caused by various factors, such as aging, low testosterone levels (we offer testosterone blood checks), excess fat, and lack of essential nutrients.


The natural aging process reduces skin elasticity as collagen breaks down, leading to loose and less firm skin, which can increase the likelihood of bingo wings.


Both men and women can be affected by low levels of testosterone, which can lead to reduced muscle tone and flabby upper arms, contributing to bingo wings.


Additionally, excess fat in the arms can create unsightly bulges and rolls that jiggle when the arms are in motion. This can result from consuming more calories than the body burns, which leads to unused calories being stored in fat cells that gradually expand.


Moreover, inadequate consumption of essential minerals, healthy fats, and oils can negatively affect skin elasticity, while insufficient protein and vitamin intake can worsen bingo wings by affecting the underlying muscles beneath the fat.




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