Jowls In The Face

Jowls are the unflattering name given to the skin around jawline when they begin to sag or droop with age. In our youth our cheeks are full of good fatwhich helps to hold up the face and jawline. However as we age we lose this good fatand the quality of our skin worsens as we lost collagen and elastin. This causes sagging in the skin and can lead to jowls becoming prominent.


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Factors To Consider

Natural ageing – as we mature, collagen and elastin (proteins that keep skin plump and firm) stop being produced in the skin, and then break down. This allows gravitational pull to take its toll on skin, as it doesnt snap backas easily as it may have done in earlier life.


Genetics – early appearance of jowls can be attributed to your genetics, if your parents have them, you are more than likely predisposed to their development as well.


Sun damage – UV exposure, from the sun or tanning beds, causes faster breakdown of collagen, which in turn affects elasticity of the skin, allowing it to droop or sag.


Weight loss – as weight is gained, skin stretches to accommodate adipose (fat) tissue. When this weight is then lost too quickly, skin isnt given the opportunity to shrink back and becomes loose, which can contribute to indications like jowls, which are caused by sagging flesh.


Smoking – harmful chemicals in smoke as well as nicotine speed up the natural ageing process by creating collagen-destroying enzymes and restricting circulation and bloodflow to the skin, depriving it of vital nutrients.