Forehead Lnes

Introduction To The Treatment of Forehead Lines


Forehead lines are caused by the action of the frontalis muscle on the forehead. This muscle contracts when we raise our eyebrows. The raising of the frontalis muscle pulls the skin of the forehead up and causes forehead wrinkles which appear as lines across our forehead. A variety of factors can make these wrinkles worse, including genetics, age, and smoking.


At Feonix Aesthetics, we offer several treatments that effectively improve the appearance of forehead lines. Our team have extensive experience treating wrinkles with Anti-Wrinkle Injections, which softens the muscle contraction and makes the fine lines less obvious. We can also utilise microneedling, medical grade skin care or lasers to stimulate the production of collagen and kickstart the natural repair process


To determine the best treatment for you, we will conduct an in-depth consultation to assess your skin and gain an insight into your unique requirements.

Factors To Consider

Genetics – our genes influence how likely our skin is to wrinkle, furrow, and effectively repair itself, meaning some people are predisposed to lines on the face, including those on forehead.


Ageing – as we age, collagen and elastin, proteins that keep skin supple and firm, break down and cause skin to become more saggy. This reduces the skins ability to bounce backfrom facial expressions and causes furrows.


UV exposure – overexposure to the suns rays can cause collagen to break down and speed up the ageing process, creating a prematurely aged look.


Repetitive facial expressions – repeatedly raising the brow when expressing emotions like shock can have a lasting effect on the skin.


Smoking – chemicals in cigarette smoke reduce how much blood reaches the surface of the skin, which affects the amount of vital nutrients being sent to the skin. This in turn can make skin dry or discoloured, and more prone to wrinkling.


Diet – a diet that is filled with simple sugars can cause loss of elasticity in the skin, contributing towards deep lines on the forehead.