Dropping Mouth Corners

Introduction To Drooping Mouth Corners


As we age, the corners of the mouth tend to droop creating a sad or tired expression, which can affect the self esteem of the sufferer.


The best way to often treat drooping corners of the mouth is to consider replacing, very subtly, volume in the cheeks with dermal fillers to ‘lift’ the jawline up. Dermal fillers can also be used around the mouth and chin to further improve the corners of the mouth leading to a refreshed and rejuvenated result. Anti-Wrinkle Injections can also be injected to weaken the muscles that pull down on the corner of the mouth leading to an elevation of the edges of the mouth.


Other Factors


Some of the other causes are:


  • Smoking habits
  • Loss of collagen and elastin
  • Loss of skin proteins
  • Genetics 
  • Excessive sun exposure



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